Hieroglyphic Editor

JSesh is a word processor, for ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts. It's
used in many professional egyptological publications: the IFAO, the JARCE, and all kinds of books.

  • JSesh texts can be copied and pasted into other software (as MS/Word or Openoffice). It is also possible to create pictures in various graphical formats (jpeg, png, pdf, svg, emf, macpict, etc...)
  • It is is definitely allowed to use JSesh for publication. Mention of its use (in the same way one does mention fonts used in a book) would be nice, but is not an absolute requirement.
  • JSesh is free: you can download and use it at no cost, and give copies of it.
  • JSesh is opensource: its java code is freely available (under the CeCill license). For the user, it's definitly safer, as it means that, even if its present author was unable to work on it, other computer scientists might take on the development.
JSesh has mainly been written by Serge Rosmorduc.
Most of the fonts have been drawn by Serge Paul Thomas.

Download JSesh

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Java is required
You need java to install JSesh 
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How to use JSesh 
Go to JSesh  official website tutorials page 
JSesh  official website